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On the Dance Floor (NC-17)

Title: On The Dance Floor
author: femmenoire
Fandom: Cold Case
: Det. Scotty Valens/Det. Kat Miller/ADA Curtis Bell
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters at all, and I'm still sad this show was canceled!
Note: holiday fic for djkiwi2576 (, also written for rarepair50 , Round 1, Table 10: Kink!, prompt: Need
Summary: Sometimes everyone just needs a release.


This night just got really weird.Collapse )
Title: Days That Never Were/Days That Should Have Been
Author: femmenoire 
Fandom: Lost
Characters/Pairings: Ana Lucia Cortez/Jack Shephard, Bernard Nadler
Rating: Mild NC-17, there are moments
Warnings/Spoilers: AU for the events of Abandoned (sorta), AU flash sideways
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters at all. I just have a girl crush on Ana Lucia
Note: holiday fic for tokenblkgirl (new fandom, I hope you like it!!)
Summary: In his last moments, Jack remembers her.


Remembering her seemed like the most important thing.Collapse )



Holiday fics finally done!

Now to just figure out the best way to post them.... :/

I really should have thought of that earlier.

Ah hell, individual posts it is. My brain hurt too much to think of anything better.

A note on Alisha and Bonnie

If your fic blames them for the death of vampires during Founder's Day (Bonnie) or the gang giving up their powers and Nikki's death (Alisha) I will not finish it. You've started on the wrong foot and I think you're lame...

Happy holidays! and what not...

I am furiously finishing my holiday fics.* I'm hoping to post them tonight.

I have such profound respect for everyone who does this every year and with lists much longer than mine. Yall are amazeballs!

djkiwi2576  you are awesome! And Bonnie/Jeremy never looked so adorable. Check out the awesome story and fanmix she made for me!

I also got a really cute yuletide fic with the Roswell gang. Check it: You Sort of Human Being. I love that show/books/fandom so much it hurts. I was never prone to obsess over a story before that one, it changed my life (I was 16!). If you haven't seen it, watch it! (It's on netflix instant view. I'm just saying.)

*onimosity your holiday story has spiraled... Let's talk.

I am now catching up on Law & Order: UK while I write. Man I love winter break. :D


fic, finished and uploaded.

I'll start fretting now. Damn new fandoms... :-/

um... Misfits... *updated*

WTF was that?

Also... my new icon is perfect! PERFECT! And I'm sending the sentiment to you show... so confused.

writing updates:

Yuletide is kicking my ass. Really? It's almost due? This is my first, it's kinda traumatic.

Have started every single one of my holiday fics. Favorites so far:

A new Ordinary People fic foronimosity . (p.s. It's gonna be a mulit-chapter. idek what happened!)

An Arthur/Gwen fanmix for blackmamba_esq . I wanna listen to that playlist ALL DAY! (man I hope you like it...)

Lost fic for tokenblkgirl . Wait. I didn't watch the show when it aired originally, what do you mean people didn't like Ana Lucia? (see icon!)

...back to writing!


I don't get not liking Alisha... She is awesome. That is all. (Will probably follow with some long ass rambling post to express my love for her and another long ass post about how much I also love Kelly and Nikki and hate when people make it seem as if liking Kelly somehow means that you don't care about Alisha outside of her relationship with Simon + a discussion about how much I can't stand how people in this fandom only give a shit about Alisha because of Simon. But brain is not in the mood for the heady atm.)

Dear Misfits fic writers...

Someone, anyone, everyone-

Could you please write a friends fic with Alisha, Kelly, and Nikki soon? I love them and want them all to be super besties... PLEASE!??



What is this fuckery?

Just finished the sixth season of Lost. I cried.

But no for real:

Why did I love 10% of the characters and absolutely despise 90%? There was no middle ground with this show...

I'm kinda sad it's over though.


Unpopular Opinions

I really liked Push and The Losers.

Also, The Last Song was sappy, but dammit if I wasn't emotionally invested!

And lastly, Everybody's Fine annoyed me,

These movies helped me overcome the loneliness during my research trip to London... some better than others..

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