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Sometimes At Night (NC-17)

Title: Sometimes At Night 
author: femmenoire 
fandom: Merlin/Game of Thrones (crossover)
Characters/Pairing: Gwen/Robb, Gwen/Arthur

She’d long since stopped caring about titles and gold and gowns.

People bowing to her and deferring to her whims never held much appeal

Arthur had changed

He used to run his hands along her forearm

Reveling in the warmth of skin against skin, even if only his fingertips felt the soft hair on her arms

He used to lean in close at court dinners, pretending to whisper in her ear just to take a long whiff of her perfume

Rose water

Now it was heirs

And the kingdom


And birthrights

At night she lay in bed

Tossing and turning


The King’s chamber next door

Just feet from her own

She didn’t miss him, even though she thought she would

She reminisced instead

On hands, only lightly roughened by a sword

The warm, musky scent of horse and wolf

A warm mouth between her legs

She wondered if he was a dream

If it was magic

Something a sorcerer conjured to tempt her

And lead her astray

She would thank the magician if she could

The thought of Robb

Hot and sweaty atop her

His lips on her forehead

Whispering into the air

Moaning her name

Bruising her skin in lust and frustration

“I want all of you,” he’d say

She laughed

“Impossible,” she said. “I have to keep something for myself.”

She was wrong

He’s gone, she knew

Felt it, somewhere deep inside

No one would tell her, no one could tell her

His homeland was a fairytale Camelot mothers told their children to scare them

“A winter that lasts for decades. Do you want that? Then eat your vegetables”

But he was real, she kept telling herself

He felt real

She lay in her bed

The castle was quiet, not even the bakers called to each other that night while they rolled out tomorrow’s dough

Her hand slipped underneath her covers

She remembered running her fingers through his curls

His smile

She came

And wept

And fell asleep to the sound of Arthur’s snores